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Helping you focus on what it takes to make your business better

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Running your own business is damn hard - there's no point pretending otherwise. And it can be lonely at times, even when you're surrounded by colleagues.

What I can offer you is advice, support, mentoring, time, experience and good ideas from a career of 30 years of wonderful highs & crashing lows.


Hiring, firing, marketing, sales, new biz, culture and possibly even preparing for a sale are complicated areas. I've been through it all – the good, bad and the very ugly. This journey has given me not just experience, but hands-on practical advice that I'd love to pass on.



Many business owners could benefit from someone who understands what they’ve going through. While your ego might think, “I don’t need help,” getting an outside partner who’s on your side will often lead to quicker, better decisions and actions - saving time, money and stress. 


You can see some of the areas I might be able to help you...


When you run your own business, you and your management team are so close to things day-to-day that you often don’t actually see the bigger picture.


Have you thought about a Business MOT, like a kind of health check for your company.


We overview all areas of your business with deep honesty and it will help identify areas for growth, risk, improvement and get on top of issues before they become big problems.

Invest just 45 minutes


If you can see the immense value of having a sounding board and a critical ally on your side, to share your thoughts, worries and ideas with, then would you be up for a free, no-commitment, no pressure initial chat?

I’d love to find out a bit about your business and where you might appreciate some help and support. Let's have a call - I really hope it could be the most important and fulfilling meeting of the year.

A few nice testimonials...

"Oli has been so instrumental in helping us develop our (previously non-existent!) marketing and sales strategies. His brilliant ideas and suggestions never cease to amaze me. 


"If you're looking for a business coach or consultant that can add huge amounts of value to your business, and to you personally, Oli's your man.

A few nice testimonials...

"When I was thinking about completely changing my career and setting up my own business, I found the advice I received from Oli was hugely valuable.


His guidance was easy to digest and understand which was absolutely crucial to me, and the tips and suggestions he gave me for the early stages of developing my business - helping me to launch successfully - were fantastic. 


With his personable and warm nature on top of his business and personal experience, I can heartily recommend getting in touch with Oli."

A client who wasn't sure...

"Oli has helped me hugely when I was thinking of starting my business and discussing the pros and cons. He has been a massive support through the whole process that inevitably has had some stresses and strains and was a calm, reassuring presence.


I would highly recommend him as a business consultant and mentor."

Giving you confidence

"Oli is always trusted and someone I’ve sought advice from, whether that was for life or work.


Having worked within a corporate environment for 15 plus years, he was the one who I turned to for advice on starting out on my own.


He gave me the confidence and the guts to jump in feet-first. It’s been the best five years of my life, not only from a business point of view, but also personally. And much of this, I honestly think, was down to Oli’s guidance."

A sparkling mentor?

"Oli has been a real help when starting my jewellery business, giving me advice, contacts, excellent mentoring and constant support when needed. 

He is the perfect mentor for someone looking to start and grow a young company."

Icing on the cake

"Oli is an inspirational character and a dynamic entrepreneur. I have seen first hand his creative skills and ability to carry colleagues and clients along with him.


He is also articulate, focused and passionate. And the icing on the cake - he is a thoroughly decent chap, too."

First class service

"Oli is easily one of the most innovative, passionate and fun people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

His ideas, his personality and drive are inspiring. Plus first class service, always with a smile. I can wholeheartedly recommend him." 

Down to earth

"A genuinely talented, honest and great person to work with. He is energetic, inspirational and supportive to clients and those that work around him.

To top it off, he's probably one of the nicest, down to earth people you're ever likely to meet - top bloke.

Calm and structured

"Oli was an inspiration to work alongside and he brings enthusiasm and passion to everything he looks at. 

I recommend him not just for his ability, but also for his calm and structured working environment. He is a joy to work with."

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And the winner is…

Here are some of the business awards I've been lucky enough to win over the last few years…

British Chamber of Commerce

Entrepreneur of the Year

Queens Award for Enterprise

Innovation Award

Honorary Degree

University of Gloucestershire

Nectar Business Awards

Start-up of the Year Award

Cirencester Business Awards

Business Person of the Year, Company of the Year, Team of the Year, Most Innovative Business

Glos Business Awards

Young Business of the Year & Small Business of the Year

Smarta Awards

One of 100 Top Small Businesses in the UK

Western Daily Press Business Awards

 Best Small Business

South West Chamber Awards

Entrepreneur of the Year, Best New Business, Most Innovative

Want to win awards?

If you think your company should be winning more awards, I really hope I can give you some really interesting ways to massively increase your chance of winning some silverware - there is a method! Get in touch to win awards…

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