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Speaking at your next event...?

oli christie speaking at an event

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been very fortunate to have spoken to thousands of people at many different events and incredible venues.


From MPs in the Houses of Parliament to spooks at GCHQ. From royalty at Buckingham Palace to proclaiming the new King in the streets of Cirencester. 



From small classrooms of wide-eyed 8 year olds who think you’re cool cos you make games; to blank-eyed, sleepy students in a drab university lecture hall, who would rather be in bed.



From industry events in a room full of black T-shirted programmers to university award ceremonies in front of 2,000 suited and booted students and proud parents. 



Each speech has to be tailored to suit the audience, the event, the vibe and the occasion. From jeans and T-shirt to a mortar board and gown. From a pin-stripe suit to a pink neon suit. Every talk is unique.



I get a real buzz out of public speaking (the feeling is sometimes mutual) and it’s vital to keep your audience motivated and learning through an engaging, interesting story. It should never be a lecture, it should always be entertaining, original and energising.



Many attendees have kindly shared that they find my speeches not only inspiring and thought-provoking, but also genuinely enjoyable and fun, which is always incredibly rewarding to hear. But you be the judge!

Making your event memorable

If you’re looking for a speaker who brings energy, inspiration and motivation to every event, I’d love to hear from you.

Here are a few pics of different places I have spoken…

In good company…

Here are some of the companies and institutions I've had the pleasure, honour and joy to speak at.